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The Cthulhu Mythos is a sprawling literary organism. No one can read everything, no one can know it all—but there are stories worth more time and attention than they get. Stories that are out of the ordinary, that do things a little differently, that explore a new perspective or a fresh take. Some of them are successes, others are failures, but they are stories that should be read and examined. Most of them were only published once or twice, and dwell forever in little-read anthologies.

Deep Cuts in a Lovecraftian Vein is a review site, dedicated to examining some of these lesser-known works of the Mythos. Stories I particularly want to focus on will involve writers and protagonists that are female or POC, LGBTQ issues, and related themes of sex, gender, race, and all the other bits and pieces that people don’t normally like to talk about. There are entire Mythos anthologies and novels these days that touch on these subjects—but in many cases, there are forebears and influences of which many contemporary readers will be unaware. So let’s take a look at that.

About the Author

Bobby Derie is a scholar of pulp studies and weird fiction; the author of Weird Talers: Essays on Robert E. Howard and Others and Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos.

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